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Beretta Guns: Stampede Gemini .45LC Revolver

The Beretta Stampede Gemini is so named because it comes in sets of matched pairs, giving you one for each hand. Shooting the classic American round, the .45 LC, this Beretta gun is the ultimate cowboy revolver and goes perfectly with hip holsters. Blending classic design with cutting-edge technology, the Beretta Stampede Gemini is 11 inches long with a 5.5-inch barrel.Stampede Gemini .45LC Revolver

This Beretta gun has a six-round magazine capacity, making it the very definition of a six-shooter. Plus, with wood grips and fixed sights, the Stampede Gemini revolver is as tough as it is cool-looking. If you want a heavy-duty cowboy gun with centuries of experience behind its design, then the Beretta Stampede Gemini revolver is exactly what you need.