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Bushmaster Dissipator Carbine AR 15 Rifles

With four models from which to choose, the Bushmaster Dissipator Carbine AR 15 rifles are specifically configured to disperse hot gases and making shooting easier. With your choice of a Solid Stock or TeleStock, all models have 16” heavy profile barrels and are chrome lined in both chamber and bore for seriously long-lasting reliability. Chambered for the .223 Remington round, these rifles can also handle the powerful and popular 5.56mm NATO cartridge.

Bushmaster A3 Dissipator Carbine AR 15 Rifle with Telestock

Unlike other carbines, the Bushmaster Dissipator Carbine AR 15 rifles have air vents and internal heat shields on the handguards, which are constructed of a thermoset polymer composite. Seriously accurate and high-performance, even the most discriminating gun buff can appreciate the quality of these Bushmaster AR 15 rifles.