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DPMS Left-Hand AR 15 Rifle: Southpaw Panther

Engineered just for southpaw users, the DPMS Left-Handed AR 15 rifle, the Southpaw Panther, has an A2 fixed carry handle upper receiver that is specially modified for left-hand ejection. With all the features of the right-hand DPMS AR 15 rifles, the Southpaw DPMS Panther Arms Southpaw Panther Left-Hand AR-15Panther features a 20” chrome-moly steel barrel with an A2 flash hider to reduce muzzle climb and flash and enhance rapid-fire accuracy.

This DPMS AR 15 has a .223 Remington chamber and an unloaded weight of 9 lbs., as well as an overall length of 38 7/16”. Built of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the DPMS Southpaw Panther is outstandingly resilient, high-performance and perfect for left-hand shooters.