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DPMS Firearms: Pardus

Uniquely styled with tan Teflon coating on the upper and lower receivers, the DPMS Pardus is the very definition of form and function. This DPMS AR-15 has a stainless steel barrel of 16” with an integrated compensator to cut down on muzzle rise and flash, allowing improved rapid-fire accuracy and target acquisition with the .223 Remington cartridge.DPMS Panther Arms Pardus AR-15

Fully prepared for addition of virtually any optics, the DPMS Pardus has an extruded 3-rail upper receiver with the left and ride rails set at 22.5 degrees from horizontal. Plus, this AR 15 from DPMS Panther Arms has an unloaded weight of 8.1 lbs. and an overall length of 36 ¾” for quick maneuverability even in tight quarters. Whether you’re looking for home protection or just a fun firearm for the range, the DPMS Pardus is sure to impress.