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1911 .45 Nighthawk Custom GRP

Specifically configured for the armed forces of our great nation, the 1911 .45 Nighthawk Custom GRP is also available to civilians. Smaller than the original, this Commander-sized pistol is lighter and easier to carry and conceal, even over long periods of time in the field. Plus, with the Perma1911 .45 Nighthawk Custom GRP Kote finish, this Nighthawk pistol is supremely resilient against the elements, as well as wear and tear over time from rough use.

Not only is the Nighthawk GRP extremely tough, but it’s also sleekly styled. With Gray Gator Back grips that come standard and black Perma Kote finish, this Nighthawk pistol is fierce. Whether you’re in Iraq or Florida, you can be sure that this high-performance pistol will give you the power you need with the precision you want.