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1911 .45 Wilson Combat KZ-45 Tactical Carry Pistol

A collaboration of firearm experts from around the globe, the 1911 .45 Wilson Combat KZ-45 Tactical Carry handgun is constructed to be the most effective and premium pistol. Shooting the classic American .45 ACP, this Wilson 1911 comes in either a Compact or a Full-sized model. As the name suggests, the compact is smaller dimensioned, having a 4” barrel rather than 5”, as well as a 4oz. decreased weight.1911 .45 Wilson Combat KZ-45 Tactical Carry Pistol

The 1911 .45 Wilson Combat KZ-45 Tactical Carry pistol is acutely accurate in both forms, and features the premium precision and performance you’ve come to expect from Wilson Combat. Plus, this Wilson pistol has a composite stainless-steel and Kevlar polymer frame for superior resilience and toughness through years of rough use. The very definition of quality and performance, the 1911 .45 Wilson Combat KZ-45 Compact and Full make great additions to any gun collection.