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1911 .45 Wilson Combat Stealth Defense System (SDS) Custom Pistol

Designed specifically for those law-enforcement and military professionals who protect our great country, the 1911 .45 Wilson Combat Stealth Defense System Custom pistol, known for short as the SDS, has the ultimate combination of discreet shape and full power. With a barrel length of 4 1/16” and tactical tapered cone design, this 1911 Wilson handgun has absolutely premium precision, enhanced further by a 5 5/8” sight radius.1911 .45 Wilson Combat Stealth Defense System (SDS) Custom Pistol

To help you carry the Wilson SDS, the weight unloaded is only 36 oz., and when filled to its seven-round magazine capacity, it weighs only 42oz, allowing you to carry this gun for extended periods of time without discomfort. Whether you’re on the streets protecting our cities, in Iraq fighting terror, or simply want a premium performance gun for personal protection, the 1911 .45 Wilson SDS is ready for anything you can throw out.